Thanks for visiting my book blog! What you’ll see here is about what I’m reading now – and a few bits of news about writers and books, especially if they are represented on my bookshelves. I have so many friends who are avid readers and who like to talk, borrow, buy and recommend books, and I hope you’ll feel free to comment or recommend as well. My reading tastes are eclectic – everything from biographies to crime fiction, literary novels and blockbuster best-sellers to travel narratives. There’s a strong Australian bent to a lot of it! 

About A Glass Half Full

A career journalist who became a "accidental" travel writer, I'm definitely a "glass half full" kind of person. And I've also written a guide book to 100 of Australia's best pubs, so my glass is usually literally so. Based in Australia, I'm often in my native New Zealand, and love to roam the world. I'll go anywhere for a good story but prefer the less trodden paths. Whatever I'm doing, I'm usually also writing about it, with passion, depth and humour. You won't find rehashed press releases on my blog, just my own view of the world, as I see it.
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2 Responses to Welcome

  1. Kay Dibben says:

    Good idea Lee. Just heard someone on radio raving about The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins. Made me want to get hold of it.


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