My holiday read: The Burning Room

With a 10 day break over Easter, I was looking for something relaxing and easy to read and my travelling companion provided just the thing: the latest Harry Bosch novel, The Burning Room, released last year.

DSC_0224I’ve become a fan of author Michael Connelly‘s tough, ageing LAPD detective over the past year or so and have already devoured a couple of his books.

In this one, Bosch is working with a new female partner – Lucia Soto – and soon finds the case they’re investigating is entwined with an incident from Detective Soto’s childhood, the deaths of several children in an apartment building fire 20 years earlier.

Both cases are a fit for their work in the Open-Unsolved Unit, and in usual Connelly fashion the story races along. It was just what I needed.

If you haven’t met Harry Bosch yet, look out for the series. He’s a great character, and the plot twists are always hard to pick. That’s what I like in a book, especially a crime novel. And I hear that the next Bosch novel will be out in October. It’s called The Crossing.

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A career journalist who became a "accidental" travel writer, I'm definitely a "glass half full" kind of person. And I've also written a guide book to 100 of Australia's best pubs, so my glass is usually literally so. Based in Australia, I'm often in my native New Zealand, and love to roam the world. I'll go anywhere for a good story but prefer the less trodden paths. Whatever I'm doing, I'm usually also writing about it, with passion, depth and humour. You won't find rehashed press releases on my blog, just my own view of the world, as I see it.
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8 Responses to My holiday read: The Burning Room

  1. I love crime/mystery novels and I have heard a lot of great things about Michael Connelly’s books. I’m reading James Patterson’s 8th book in the Women’s Murder Club right now featuring Lindsey Boxer. I just randomly picked it up at the library last week. It’s an not earth-shattering storyline but it’s holding my attention and I plan to finish it. Sounds like this one for you. Good read!


  2. Mama Cormier says:

    My husband has read some of Michael Connelly’s work and said that a TV series featuring Harry Bosch is coming out soon. He thinks it will be good.

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  3. Tommy says:

    Harry Bosch is the best detective ever. No stuffing about. A real cop in real stories. Go get ’em Harry.


  4. Tommy says:

    Harry and I go way back. Back when they wrote books on slate.

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