About Lee

Hello – I’m Lee Mylne – and this is my blog about what I’m reading now. It’s a very personal blog, but I have so many friends who are avid readers and who like to talk, borrow, buy and recommend books, that I thought there might be even more people out there who might want to get in on our discussions! I’ll be writing about what I’m reading and what’s on my bookshelf or bedside table, with maybe a few bits of book news thrown in (especially if its about an author who I’ve got in my collection).

My reading tastes are eclectic – everything from biographies to crime fiction (and a bit of true crime), to the latest Australian fiction, Dickens and even some prize-winners. It’s a mix of “high-browse and low-browse”, as they say. And what you’ll see here is exactly what I’m reading or dipping into.

DSC_0342Sometimes, I think I should cull my books. Instead, I usually just try to fit in another bookcase. I love books, and always have. I still have some of my childhood books, and some of my own children’s books. One of my daughters has a collection that rivals mine (amassed in half the time I’ve taken to get mine!).

I’m also the author and a contributor to about a dozen books, ranging from travel narratives and guide books to coffee table books, and travel anthologies (including my latest, A Glass Half Full and other travel stories). Books are my work as well as my pleasure.

I’d love to hear your recommendations for good books – and your comments on what I’m reading too.

If you’d also like to follow my other blog – which is about travel and life – you can find me at A Glass Half Full.

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  1. So nice to be in the company of another Bibliophile like me!!

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